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Everyday Liminality

Apr 30, 2019

It seems like the only thing Hollywood knows how to do is remake an old classic or reboot a franchise. Why does the industry do this, and might we learn something from this?

Apr 23, 2019

Ferris Bueller, Mel Brooks, Deadpool, Shakespeare. What do they all have in common? Their characters speak directly to the audience. And we think that's awesome.

Apr 16, 2019

The Simpsons is known for its quick wit and cultural commentary. It's also known for its use of stereotypes, of which some have caused controversy in recent years. What do we make of the use of stereotypes and what might we do about them?

Apr 9, 2019

May the Force be with you! For years, Christians have found parallels between the sci-fi world of Star Wars and our Christian reality, but the most recent movies offer some new developments. Br. Tito and Br. Casey take a deep dive into a galaxy far far away to see what we might learn from the galactic drama series. 

Apr 2, 2019

While God's grace might be freely given and unmerited, that doesn't mean that there is no cost to discipleship. In this episode, Br. Tito and Br. Casey discuss the theme of forgiveness in entertainment and how sometimes it just doesn't feel "earned."